Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Redhill

South East Fire Protection undertake many fire risk assessments in Redhill and throughout the South East to ensure organisations are compliant with current fire safety legislation.

We are a registered company to BAFE For Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments (SP205) scheme, providing confidence to our customers that by using us you have appointed a competent company. If you are the Responsible Person you hold the responsibility for the adequacy of your company’s Fire Risk Assessment by law, rather than the assessor themselves.

South East Fire Protection Clients

Our clients range from small independent businesses to multi location organisations, our costs are always individually customised based on your individual needs.

Best Service

Our aims are always to offer the best service and provide our customers with value for their money.

Fire Risk Assessment Service

The fire risk assessment process as outlined within the Communities and Local Government guidelines, alongside the detailed Public Available Specification PAS79 and appropriate schedule, form the basis of our Fire Risk Assessment. The report and audit are carried out by a competent Fire Risk Assessor that has experience of your business type, building and occupancy profile. Our Fire Risk Assessment is designed to fully comply with existing legislation.

Fire Risk Assessment Report

Created in line with the recommended Publicly Available Specification, PAS 79, our report will detail the significant findings identified and giving you recommendations for remedial action. Also included is an action plan stating the significant findings, to make you aware of what actions to be take.

Included in the cost of the report we will deliver the report back to you and go through the findings and actions